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Yep. I’m an artist.

Eeps! I’ve been neglecting my blog lately. I’ve been busy.  Painting. Painting. Painting. And more painting. Yay!  I’m a self-employed artist!

Some of my banners from my Etsy shop, hanging to dry in my basement.

I’m not a thriving artist, by any means, but I’m not starving either. Hell, by the opinion of some in Washington, I’m probably downright wealthy, since I’m earning just a little above what a full-time minimum wage job would pay. ;)

But I love being self-employed. I’ve always said I’m a really good worker, but not a great employee. (Mental note: remove this if you’re ever looking for a job again.)  I’m just not good with authority and rules, unless those rules make sense to me.  And sometimes I’m tardy. It didn’t seem to matter if I left on time, 15 minutes early, or 15 minutes late, I’d always get there 3-5 minutes late.  And if I did by chance get there early, the handful of people with a key to get in would be late.

Anyway, here’s what I love about being self-employed, not necessarily in order…

1) Always good quality toilet paper in the loo. I had one job where they had Charmin Ultra. That was the best job I ever had. Not because of the TP, but because they treated us as human beings. Who the hell thinks 40 grit sandpaper is an acceptable asswipe?

2) The dress code is awesome. Jeans, tshirts, hoodies… and that’s on a fancy day. Sometimes, Hello Kitty fleece jammy pants, if I’m not leaving the house.

3) Working on my own schedule, and no commute. I can start work the second I’m awake enough to hold a paintbrush, and can keep working as long as I want. And in between, there’s no boss telling me to keep busy, I can stop in the middle of the day for an hour long bubblebath with a good book, or play Candy Crush or Words with Friends while waiting for paint to dry.

4) The best coworkers ever. Sure, Beavis and the cats don’t actually DO any work, but that’s not so much different than some of my past coworkers. At least they’re not backstabbing, gossiping bastards. As far as I know.

5) Burping, farting, scratching, cussing. It’s freeing being able to let your body do what it wants to do.

6) My customers rock. :) They’re all people who really like and really want my stuff. My past customer service experience has been as a middleman… I was just a lightening rod of hate when something beyond my control went bad.

7) Proving my 3rd grade teacher wrong. I remember clearly, finishing a test early, turning over the paper… and drawing on the back. My teacher said, “Your drawings as nice, Lorina, but you won’t make a living at it.” HA! Take that, Mrs. Grant!!!

8) I forgot what 8 was for. (A little kiss to Violent Femmes.)

9) Being able to watch or listen to whatever I want. There’s not much that makes me stabbier than being forced to listen to country or Christmas music for 8 hours straight, unless it’s being forced to listen to Rush Limbaugh.

10) Using my creativity and artistic talent. It’s what I’m meant to do. I’m always drawing and painting whether or not I get paid for it. Getting paid for it is nicer than not. Every time I see that little “E” pop up on my phone, signalling a new sale on Etsy, I do a little happy dance.

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