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Cast of Characters

There will be recurring rolls in my ramblings, and here’s some of the people and creatures you’ll meet.

Lorina – That’s me, your narrator. Part time artist, part time web publisher, cheap custom essay writing services part time pimp (You know what? It is easy.), full time wiseass.

Fritz – My husband. Works for a major soft drink company. Hates it, but we get free soda. Has his own site that I’ve been begging him to update.

Beavis – Our one-eyed Pekingese. His name fits him entirely too well, and I’m pretty sure he hates me.

The Cats – Gypsy, Gracie, Pippin, Ms Pretty, Boogie, Trevor and River. Take notes, there’ll be a quiz on this later.

The Gigolo – Our neighbor who’s not really a gigolo, but he drives a Corvette, wears lots of gold chains and (my eyes!) never wears a shirt in the summer.

The Almost Creepy but Not Quite Creepy Neighbor – Another neighbor who lives two houses down, but the yards are really tiny, so it’s almost like he’s right next door. He is incapable of reading social cues, like the fact that I’m wearing sunglasses, reading a book, have my back to him, with music playing means that I’m not interested in conversing examples of synthesis essay with him. Especially while I’m in a bikini.

I come from a huge family, as the youngest of six, so I’m sure my kinfolk will be mentioned at some point, I’m sure, but I’m not quite sure how they’d feel about being mentioned by names, so I’ll try to keep them somewhat anonymous.

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