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Summer Colds are the WORST

June 7th – It’s Global Running Day! I was so close to not running this day. My sinuses were threatening to choke me all night. I kept waking myself up snoring, and felt like I was on the verge of getting sick. All morning, I was, “I’m gonna go. No. I’m not. Yes, I am. No, I’m not.” Then it was, “You’re already dressed for it. Just go one mile. Maybe two. See how you feel.” OK, FINE! Stop nagging me, me!

Needless to say, I felt pretty good once I got going, maybe with a little help from Sudafed.
june 7

June 9th – My birthday! Yay! And, apparently, summer colds are good for my running! This was my best run of the year so far, and I woke up feeling like someone filled my sinuses with cement. I guess my normal exercise-rhinitis (runny nose) loosened that crap up enough that I could breathe. Or, once again, maybe it was the Sudafed.

june 9

Then June 10th, I woke up, feeling pretty good despite (or maybe because of) all the wine I’d had the night before. Mowed the lawn, pruned the hedges, weedwacked the weeds, set up my little kiddie pool and filled it with what felt like ice water,  then… KABAM! I was sick. Now “feeling like I”m getting sick,” but “Is this what a man cold feels like?!” sick. During the first heatwave of the year, of course. I spent the rest of the weekend in bed, sucking cough drops and blowing my nose. The worst of it only lasted about a day, but my poor snoot felt like it had been filled with hair gel and I was completely wiped out for a long time after.

So I didn’t run again until June 21st. I wasn’t expecting this to be a fast or easy run, and it wasn’t. But it wasn’t that bad, either.

june 21
Which brings us to yesterday, June 23.  I knew before I left the house this wasn’t going to be a fast run. It was already in the mid-70s and I’m a wuss and like it in the upper 50s to low 60s. And humid. And I’m tired. But I did it. After the first mile, I wasn’t even really trying. I’d run a little, then walk, then play Pokemon (they just did some updates to the game to make it more interesting), then detoured through a park to hit more Pokemon thingies, then got distracted by a cat on the sidewalk (had to make sure he was ok – he was. And very friendly) then got held up chatting with a sweet old lady who kept telling me about how far she used to walk when she was younger, how far she’s going today, and that she knows all the garbagemen (Hi Carl!) and to be careful because there’s a lot of accidents around here. They call this accident ally. And there’s Sam. He has the deli up the street. If you’re hungry, go there. And so on and so on… But she was sweet. Then I thought it started raining, but it was just the sweat dripping off the back of my shorts. Ewwww. I don’t think the picture shows just how incredibly sweaty I was. the shirt is NOT ombre.

But… pace doesn’t matter. Distance does. And I went five miles. Longer than I’ve gone in about a year.

june 23
Looking at the forecast for next week, I’m so happy to see some overnight lows in the 50s again. Heaven!

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