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First Post-Flood Jog!

With rain, earthquakes, hurricanes, more rain, tropical storm remnants, more rain, flooding, evacuations and curfews affecting our area in the past few weeks, I’ve been slacking big time on my running. I’m not quite so addicted to endorphins that I’ll run in bad weather, and I was entirely too glued to Facebook and the news during the flooding to leave the house.

This was my first time getting near the river since all that started. It was amazing to be jogging in areas that were under about 20 feet of water just a few days ago. It was much cleaner than I expected… until I went through the walkway tunnel under the Pierce St. Bridge and hit thick, slick, mud, the likes of which I haven’t seen since the Warrior Dash. Except smellier. With toxic waste and raw sewage in it. Raw sewage. Gross. But is the alternative cooked sewage? Because that’s certainly not any more appealing.

After being splattered with the mud literally to my eyebrows (so glad I was wearing sunglasses so nothing got in my eyes!) I stopped running to walk around a bit, marvel at the debris high up in trees and under the bridge, give a silent thanks to the levee system for going above and beyond the call of duty, take a deep breath of air and think, “I should probably be wearing a mask if I’m breathing this shit.”

Alas, the tunnel under the Pierce St. Bridge wasn't quite so clean. My poor sneakers!!!!

Alas, the tunnel under the Pierce St. Bridge wasn't quite so clean. My poor sneakers!!!!

All those trees? They were completely submerged.

All those trees? They were completely submerged.

POPLAR DOWN! We've got a poplar down!!!

POPLAR DOWN! We've got a poplar down!!!

So THAT'S why it smelled like dead fish. This sucker was huge... at least 20 inches!

So THAT'S why it smelled like dead fish. This sucker was huge... at least 20 inches!

All in all, about seven a half miles traveled this morning. Enough calories burned that I can eat whatever the hell I want the rest of the day. I’m thinking pizza for dinner. DiGiorno Garlic Bread with Pepperoni sounds about perfect! I cringe when I see someone say that they want pizza, and people suggest getting thin crust, no cheese and loaded with veggies. That is NOT a pizza! That’s a cracker with vegetables on it.

Work hard enough, and you can eat whatever you damn well want, too. Working hard isn’t fun. It isn’t pretty. And it’s not glamorous. It means wearing clothes for function, not fashion, like moisture wicking fabric and lycra. It means not caring that you look like you’re wearing either a diaper or giant jock strap with your hydration pack with a water bottle strapped on your waist. It means getting drenched in sweat, soaking your shirt, dripping into your eyes, and leaving you look like you wet your pants.

Yeah, it looks like a great big jock strap. And let me tell you, if I did have to wear a jock strap, it would be GINORMOUS!

Yeah, it looks like a great big jock strap. And let me tell you, if I did have to wear a jock strap, it would be GINORMOUS!

I usually glam it up for my photos on here, but this is the reality. If horses sweat, men perspire, and women glow, I am most definitely a horse.

I overload moisture-wicking fabric.

I overload moisture-wicking fabric.

But it’s all worth it when you can have thick crust pizza and still get results.

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9 Months in the Making!

When I first thought this title, it was because it was exactly nine months since my niece’s early Christmas party where I found out about the Warrior Dash and decided to get my ass in gear and get fit.

Last night, that same niece had her first child, a daughter. My great-niece. She’s gorgeous. But it got me thinking, it’s nine months later. Barbie may think “math is hard,” but I can put two and two together! Mistletoe and Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka is a recipe for babies!

All teasing aside, that night changed my life. I’ve lost 32 pounds since then, and met my original weight loss goal in June, just two days before the Warrior Dash, then surpassed it. I surpassed my fitness goals, too, since all I wanted to do was be able to run a 5K, and I can do at least 10K now. In theory. The 10K I plan to run has been cancelled and postponed twice now! I’m pretty sure it’s jinxed.

Along the way, another milestone was buying a new bikini. This was a very big deal for me, because it was the first time I didn’t wait until end of summer clearance sales. Granted, it was already 50% off at Kohls, plus I had a coupon, so it’s not like it was FULL price, but still, it’s a rarity for me to not buy the slim pickin’s left over at the end of season.

Since buying that swimsuit, I lost another 9 pounds. I’m glad it was a string bikini, because I’ve had to readjust the ties on the sides of the bottoms. I maintained my weight through August, but recently decided on a new goal of 126# (or 9 stone, since I like the number 9) for my Halloween party in mid-October. Priorities. I has them. And my priority is to wear a costume that’s not meant to camouflage my trouble zones. I don’t want any damn trouble zones!

Five weeks and two pounds to go. About a half pound a week. Yep. I can do this!

Basic stats for those who give a damn: 5’5 and 39 years old. And now, to the photos…

A birthday party last November, and at my niece’s baby shower last weekend. Yay for having the proper number of chins again!

Last summer before I binged on Halloween candy and gained another 8 pounds or so, and hamming it up last weekend.

Not as dramatic of a change, but 9# lost since I got the swimsuit in May to now. My “natural waistline” is a few inches lower!

My bum has gotten smaller…. little more streamlined in the thighs.

Flatter in the belly, smaller in the waist. And not to brag (oh, who am I kidding? I’m bragging!) but these were taken AFTER gorging myself on buffet foods and tons of goodies – cake, cookies, brownies, etc. – at the baby shower. But it was BEFORE the booze-and-munchies fueled party that caused me to temporarily gain 6.5 pounds overnight.

I was really amazed I not only got back down to my last Saturday morning weight in a week, but also lost another half pound on top of it. After a bacon, egg and hash brown brunch yesterday, and a trip to my favorite Mexican restaurant last night, I’m back up a few pounds. Normal fluctuation. Nothing to worry about.

To answer the inevitable “how’d you do it?” questions…

I try to run at least 3 miles 3 or 4 times a week. My neighborhood is hilly, so most runs include a 100 to 250 foot incline. I started with the Couch to 5k Plan, and moved on from there.

In theory, I like to go to the gym twice a week, where I spend a half hour doing a round of all the weight machines and some hanging reverse crunches in the roman chair, then another hour doing cardio … maybe a half hour on a bike, half hour on a treadmill or elliptical or arc trainer. It takes me a good half hour from when I leave my house to when I hit the gym floor, so I want to make the most of my time there. I’ve been slacking the past week, though, because I live in Northeast PA and while my home wasn’t affected by floods, both the area Planet Fitnesses were in evacuation zones.

And I do EA Active Sports 2 on the Playstation. It’s not a game. It’s pretty much what any exercise DVD would have you do, but interactive and customizable. Cardio, Weights, Calisthenics, maybe a touch of Plyometrics. I mostly do custom or “trainer generated” workouts on that now that I’ve finished their 3 week and 9 week challenges.

Food wise, first, I have to explain about how My Fitness Pal works. That’s the site I use to track my calories consumed and burned. They give you a set number of calories per day by how much you want to lose. That number is based on doing NO exercise at all, so if you stick with the plan, you don’t need to exercise to lose weight. When you do exercise, they add the amount you burned to your food goal for the day. So if you’re supposed to eat 1200 calories, but burn 300 calories, you’d eat 1500, otherwise, you’re body would be trying to run on a net calorie consumption of only 900 calories, which is a bit low. It’s more of that math that Barbie hates so much. A little trial and error is best to find what works best for you. Less calories doesn’t always mean more weight loss. I lost more and felt better at 1400-1500 calories than I did at 1200.

I eat quite a bit. Very likely more than I did before I started losing weight, since I was a lazy lump then. Since hitting my first goal in June, I aimed for 1500 calories, plus exercise calories, so typically around 1800-2000, Monday through Friday, then I ate what I wanted on weekends, without logging my food at all. During August when I maintained, I aimed for 1600+ exercise calories. Now that I want to lose a little more, I’m back to 1500+. Nothing is off limits. I have half a rising crust DiGiorno about once a week. I love bread and pasta, and typically have a bagel for breakfast… I ain’t afraid of no carbs! I don’t pay attention to them or fat. I only try to stay a little under my calories and sodium (but sometimes fail miserably), and go over on my protein and fiber.

Really, it’s not about extreme lifestyle changes. Just moderation. I don’t plow through an entire bag of Butterfingers in 48 hours. In fact, most of the time, I look at the calorie count and decide, “It’s not worth it.” I’d rather have a 130 calorie Fiber Plus bar, which is filling AND delicious, than a 200 calorie candy bar that is just delicious. Or better yet, a cup of grapes or strawberries.

Most of the time.

Sometimes, the chocolate wins. That’s okay. Let it win once in a while. You’ll still win in the end.

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Food Guilt

“I had a piece of _____, and now I feel so guilty.” Fill in the blank with cake, pizza, bread, pie, candy, etc. Usually a carb of some form. I hear people, mostly women, say this all the time, and I just don’t get it.

Guilt has a place in our lives. If we do something really bad, we should feel bad about it.

Killing someone is really bad. Lying, cheating, scheming, scamming, swindling, stealing, hurting, back stabbing, front stabbing, even coveting thy neighbor’s ass. Bad.

Pizza is not really bad. Even if it’s thick crust with extra cheese and pepperoni. It’s just a handful of calories, some carbs, protein and fats, that will be digested and pooped out in a matter of hours. It does no lasting damage.

You know what causes lasting damage? Guilt. Feel guilty enough about unimportant crap like a slice of pizza and you’ll get an ulcer. Then you’ll feel guilty because you hurt yourself by feeling guilty, and your ulcer will get an ulcer. Then you’ll feel bad about that, too. Not to mention that the tomato sauce on the pizza will aggravate your ulcer and your ulcer’s ulcer. So it’s best to not get one in the first place.

You know before you eat something if you’re going to regret it. If you’re going to feel bad about it, don’t eat it! If you’re eating because of stress or sadness, don’t eat it! A brisk walk around the block will serve you better. Get some fresh air. Get a sweat going. Get your heart rate pumping. Endorphins are your friends.

If you’re going to eat it, enjoy it. Only eat it if you’re going to thoroughly and completely enjoy it. Immerse yourself in the moment. Enjoy every bite, every drop, every crumb. Lick your lips afterwards, close your eyes, lean your head back, kick off your shoes, and wiggle your toes.

If you eat something and do happen to regret it, consider it a lesson learned. Don’t do it again. Simple as that. It’s not a failure, just a learning experience. Hopefully a delicious learning experience. Certainly not something to feel guilty about.

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