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First Race of 2016!

My first race of 2016 was this weekend!

It was hilly. And windy. Two things I hate the most when running! I thought I trained on enough hills, but alas… no. But even though I was really hoping for under 30 minutes, I was expecting closer to 32-33, so finishing in 30:30 was fantastic! And I took second place in my age group.

Did I tell y’all about my stupidphone? I don’t remember. Anyway… on January 1st, all happy that I was running my first run of the new year, I dropped my phone and busted it. We weren’t eligible for an upgrade until July, it costs way too much to get a new one, so I reactivated my old phone. The one I got in 2012, but was a 2011 model. And that thing was a piece of shit. It would randomly crash, or the battery life would go from 70% to 5% in five minutes, and it rarely lasted through a run. Sometimes it would throw glitches on Runkeeper where it would show me running at ridiculous paces. Like this…

I can assure you, I did not break the speed of sound. I would have remembered that.

It crashed three minutes before the race started on Saturday.  It barely restarted in time for the race and I ran with it plugged into a backup battery bank. Then, because it’s an ornery little fucker, I stopped it after the race, took off my ear buds, shoved it all in my running belt, and accidentally restarted Runkeeper. So it was tracking my movement while I puttered around waiting for the last of the runners to finish, while eating a jelly donut (yay for post race donuts!), through the awards ceremony, and the entire drive home. All in all, it kept track for an hour and a half, and didn’t crash. But let me try to go for a two mile run, and it’d shit the bed a quarter mile from home.

So, anyway… we checked to see just how much more it would cost now to replace my phone, rather than waiting for the contract to be up. And… it wouldn’t! The only difference if I upgraded now vs. in July is that I have to send them my old phone back, instead of keeping it as a backup. You want this glorified paperweight back? Fine! Take it!

I’m now the happy owner of a brand new Samsung Galaxy S7, with an Otterbox and extended warranty. I’m like a kid on Christmas morning. Being both broke and thrifty, I always got last year’s model on phones, whatever was cheapest or free. And now I’m looking forward to going for a run without having to carry a backup battery and remembering every step and turn I make in case I have to manually plot my route. See ya later, I’m going running!

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Mah Go Go Juice Made Me Wiiiiiin!

I had my first 5k race in many years yesterday. It was a charity race to benefit the Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge, and there were doggies everywhere! My Beavis did not attend. In addition to not being athletic, he’s also a little bastard who can’t be trusted.

First things first, I had to start the race with my Go Go Juice.  It’s a tradition.

Mah Go Go Juice!

I’d planned to run in shorts and a moisture wicking tee. I’m no sissy. I don’t mind chilly air. I’m really, really glad I wore a sweatshirt to the event, because from the time I got up to the time I got there, the wind had decided to go from gentle breeze to angry howl. I wished I’d worn gloves, too!



I also wished I’d worn pants. Not only was I cold, but my little short shorts got even shorter as I ran and … well … maybe I’m further away from my goal weight than I thought. But you know what else? So what? I have big legs. Big deal.

But, despite the wind and the cold, and the last stretch being a challenge because we were running INTO The one mile dog walk and people not having enough sense to stay on one side of the path, or keep their dogs on a shorter leash  – #dogspreading! – and not running as fast as I’d have liked, I still won the 40+ age group, with my brother coming in second.


I’m not exactly sure what my final time was. It was a small race, and they didn’t have the giant clock at the end, and I didn’t stop Runkeeper right away. It was under 31 minutes, that’s all I know. I’ve done faster in the past. I’ll probably do faster in the future. But this was still good enough.

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DIY Fitspo

So have y’all seen the blog post “The 6 Most Shockingly Irresponsible Fitspiration Photos?” Now, I do think the author might be reading a bit more into them than should be read, but overall, I agree. I find most fitspo annoying… the idea that health and fitness should be based on shame, deprivation and punishment.

So a handful of us on MyFitnessPal decided we’d make our own, starring ourselves, not models who fasted for a shoot and have a team to do their hair and makeup, a professional photographer, perfect lighting, and some photoshop gurus to correct any flaw that still slip through the cracks. Fitspo for the normal person.

Here’s mine:

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